Believe the future

Have closed down my stove platform on the cobweb mercilessly
Poor grief that sighing in my cigarette of the ashes
I still pave the disappointed ashes stubbornly
Write down with the snow flake beautiful: Believe the future

As my purple grape turns the dew in late autumn
As my flower nestles in others' feelings
I still use and congeal the withered rattan of the frost stubbornly
Write down on the dreary earth: Believe the future

I want that with the finger to pour into arranging waves of the remotest places
I want that with the palm to hold the sea of the sun
That warm and beautiful pen arm of the dawn of flickering
Write down with the child's script: Believe the future

I believe the future firmly
It is I that believe people's eyes in future
She has eyelashes which pushes the historical travel fatigue aside
She sees through the years pupil of the chapter

No matter people's skin and flesh rotten to us
Those lost disconsolate, failed pains
Place hot tears, deep sympathy moved
Give scornful smiling, pungent satire

I firmly believe people's backbone to us
That exploration, lost and failing and succeeding many times
It is offered that sure enthusiasm, objective, just evaluation
Yes, I wait for their evaluation anxiously

Friend, believe the future firmly
Believe unyielding efforts
It is believed that death of overcoming is young
Believe in the future, love the life

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