Innocence and human nature

First of all, I want to tell us about the innocence and human nature has led me to thinking about the source - "Lost Book."

"Lost Book" is a fairy-tale book, exactly to say that the book is a fairy tale for adults, in this aesthetic is not no fairy tale dream, we have seen is a dark, cruel, gorgeous, soul-stirring world, It led us to think together about the love and jealousy, fear and courage of the delicate relationship, and how dignified the face of our life.

When we were children when the world is a place filled with love. Here we are happy happy life, there is no conspiracy, no jealousy, and even can be said that ignorance, innocence, as childhood is the consciousness of the existence of such a peaceful world, we do not have running for a living, do not have money to spare for the responsibility. Once into adulthood, those who had a far cry from what would be a little bit of penetration into the life, can be described as all-pervasive. How can this time again we have to maintain a childlike innocence that it? The reality is the case, society will force us to give in and after struggling to discover that this is the real growth path. For today's philistine we can do nothing only smile.

"Man's nature is good", so the ancients tell us. Indeed, human nature in our lives often have just as beautiful and pure, and this is what we call childlike innocence. However, with age, experience an increase, it would be this good of humanity in the community in a big vat slowly contracted color. Some are warm and red, some are pure white, some of it is dark black. As everything has two sides, as not all this change is due to the nurture of the outside world caused by, as well as forming the bodies of our emotions - of mankind.

Human beings in their growth process will be gradually integrated into the collective and society, and society will be in this family with its excellent tolerance to each individual to the transformation of what it thinks is right. Rendering in different environments, do not like such an individual would emerge, in our understanding of the simplest good guys, bad guys is one such shape. As the book that people are generally distorted, his worship is a war, dark, filled with suspicion and selfishness of the world, he used adult owned by the envy and the desire for love, inducing us to make certain things would regret . This is the flaw of human nature, human weaknesses.

To maintain an innocence of the heart, growing up I hope we can have the most beautiful of their own fairy tale.商務中心 | accounting and audit | virtual office | Web Design | Interactive Design

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