What does a facial cleanser do & how to use

Confused by skin cleansers? We got you. To make the whole get-glowing-skin process easier, we’re answering some of the hottest questions surrounding the topic (what is a cleanser, exactly what does cleanser do, how do I use a facial cleanser, how often… you get the idea) plus offering up a few ways St. Ives products can help you always put your best face forward. First thing’s first, what is a facial cleanser? That’s an easy one: It’s a product, specifically formulated for the face, that is applied to remove make-up, dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities from the skin’s surface. It’s also primo in your skincare routine. lumi spa ageloc

Got it. Now how do I use a facial cleanser? Find your best headband to secure your hair back and dampen your face. Apply a dime size of your cleanser to your fingertips and massage into skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and use a clean towel to dry. Hey! These are just the basics…we’ve got even more tips about how to wash your face. Oily skin requires ingredients that rid excess oil and shine. Dry skin needs gentle cleansing that will clean the skin and is rich in hydration. Combination skin that is both oily and dry requires a product that will tackle both needs. Sensitive skin needs extra-gentle cleansing to avoid flare-ups.

Which leads us to the next question… What are some types of facial cleansers? Ives has a bunch of options when it comes to types of facial cleansers. Read about them below. Cleansing Sticks. These cleansers easily dissolve away daily grime while leaving your face feeling healthy and soft all in a convenient stick. Face Scrubs. Gentle, moderate or deep, you choose the exfoliating factor that’s best for you and we’ll help you soothe away rough skin and even out skin tone so that you can get your glow on. Oil Scrubs. Nourishment plus gentle exfoliation for your face, we combine the skin-softening and makeup-melting powers to bring you silky smooth, super-fresh skin. So can I use cleanser as face wash? Face washes and cleansers have the same basic function of ridding your skin from dirt, oil, and all that jazz, though some can be foaming and others not. Other than that, they’re pretty much one in the same.

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